Essay about Is Socialization A Personality Trait?

Essay about Is Socialization A Personality Trait?

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In terms of sociability as a personality trait, I have not changed very much since high school. During my adolescent years, I was very sociable, which made it possible for me make a wide variety of friends from differing class, racial, and think backgrounds. However, it must be noted that I have become more organizationally involved with campus life by joining recreational student organizations. In high school, I was not the “class president” type of personality, which often kept me out of “civic” aspects of student administration, and other organizations. In college, however, I have learned to partake in different student organizations, which given me greater responsibility in the college community. This is one aspect of the more aggressive aspects of community cooperation and engagement in my personality, which have provided a more committed aspect of sociability in my growth into adulthood. More so, I have learned that socialization is not only part of enjoying the company of other people, but that it can also entail negating and cooperating with others in this type of collegiate student organization. This is one aspect of personality, which has matured by accepting greater responsibility (other than for myself) in the campus community. In some cases, I have taken on administrative responsibilities to help other students in the organization. This is one way I have expanded by social networking outside of self-interest to a more responsible sense of community involvement. Of course, I was never really a “selfish person”, but I realize the increased level of responsibility that I have as a major change in collegiate life, which shows growth from my interoperation of sociability in high school life.

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...od way to maintain health as I continue to develop into adulthood. Getting exercise will reduce the likelihood that I will have poor health in my adult life, since I will be living an active lifestyle. I am going to consider the possibility of becoming more active in civic social groups, as a way to expand upon the new-found responsibilities that I have in collegiate social groups. I hope that I can become a contributing member of society after I graduate college. My social skills are gift, which can bring me closer to other people and help build a positive society. More so, my collegiate education can also bring critical thinking, rationality, and logic into my toolkit of social capabilities, which can be of very good use in a civic organization. These are important ways in which I can use socialization as a way to reach out to others in the community in the future.

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