Is Social Networking Making Us Lonely? Essay

Is Social Networking Making Us Lonely? Essay

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Is Social Networking Making Us Lonely?
A few days ago, I was watching a soccer game on my computer with a friend. It was an important match between my favorite team and his, and the competition was actually very fierce. It ended up with my favorite team being lost. I disappointed for half an hour and my friend trying to console me, though unsuccessfully. I knew that in that kind of situation, most friends would have clapped me on the shoulder and given me a hug, and I do believe that my friend will do this for me, if my friend was not on the other side of the earth. Yes, the friend who watched the game with me was neither in my house nor live in the same state or country as me. We were watching the game on the same website and talking through Skype. The strength of social networks enabled me to send my voice across thousands of miles to the place where my friend lived so that we could watch and talk about a soccer game like many friends would do together.
Since the dawn of the human species, commutation was based on face to face interactions. This situation has changed recently due to the existence of the internet, a worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computers where people can get different kinds of information from it. Social networking service, as one of the main products of the internet, created a brand new platform for people to share their interests and interact with each other. Not only that, social networking gives people the opportunity to present a finely manicured facade, not the messy reality of their identities. It is such an attractive place, especially for those who pay more attention to their own external images- teenagers. Although most people believe social networks bring more benefits than ...

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...s a perfect platform for those who feel lonely in the real world to commutate with each other and become less lonely.
Although social networks have changed the methods we use to interact with others, it did not change our inner need of being truly connected with others. Social networking services assist us with fulfilling a part of this need. We tell others about our activities and hear about what they are doing, and this satisfies our most profound and most fundamental need to set up an emotional connection with other people. Moreover, Social networking doesn’t directly create loneliness but reveals the emotion hidden in our heart. Once revealed, social networking will help assuage isolation and recover the lost connection. As social network reshapes our lives, we must also reevaluate what must be accomplished to create and keep up the relationships we truly desire.

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