Is Smoking Really Worth It? Essays

Is Smoking Really Worth It? Essays

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Is Smoking Really Worth It?
There was a time in the United States where smoking was the norm and whomever did it was cool. We could flip on the television and see a commercial about eating at a particular restaurant and there would be just about everyone smoking in that commercial. Not many people saw anything wrong with it. People before the twenty-first century didn’t know the effects of smoking. There weren’t many if not any studies done then. Contrary to those beliefs, nowadays, anyone could turn on the television and see commercials about real people telling their stories about how smoking effected their lives. While growing up and seeing these commercials and having the personal knowledge of what smoking can do to someone, I don’t agree with smoking.
There are many reasons that can cause a person to smoke. From a very early age, we as children imitate the world around us. The people that we’re around the most tends to be our parents. If we see our parents smoke, we might think that we’re missing out on something, and can just as easily want to pick up that habit thinking it’s ...

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