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As people, we come with earlier knowledge and understandings on subjects and topics of study, “Science” being one of them. We make presumptions, based on either reasonable evidence or that our thoughts and ideas are known as true by others. Through this we have come to understand and define science as its aims, leaving its definition, whether consciously or unconsciously, unchallenged. We have taken advantage of the label that we have set for science, as well as its goals, and failed to look at them further.
So what do we consider Science? Pure? Objective? Rational? Beyond social? We look to science to help us find truth, and explain, as well as create and implement technologies that promote the welfare of man. But we have found through the readings that these characteristics are not always what are taking place throughout the processes of science.
If science were what we previously thought, objective and rational, there would be neither room nor need to think about biases. There would be no place to have some sort of personal signature or thumbprint. With this, our understanding of science being rational appears to reflect science’s definition (what it is supposed to be) as opposed to its application and practice. Our definition for science has become, or may have always been, what we are trying to accomplish and not the definition itself in order to generate progression and perpetuate science.
Seeing that humans do science and that people are of value and judgments, the distinctive quality known as “man” leaves room for some sort of mark of bias, skew, or impression on - each quality having the potential to take away from science existing as pure. Science is not supposed to be s...

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...pure and objective and linked them to science, to create ambition for what we want for science - not necessarily what will occur in scientific processes. Therefore the objective for science is pure and rational but the way in which we go about it is not always based on reason.

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