Is Schizophrenia Purely Mental? Essay

Is Schizophrenia Purely Mental? Essay

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Is Schizophrenia Purely Mental?
Everything you hear, touch, smell and feel is processed by your brain. Sensory receptors take in information from the world around you, in order to send the information to your mind (Goldbaum, 2016). Many people obtain frequent hallucinations, which are sensory experiences without any kind of stimulus, meaning the brain is making up information. For people with the illness schizophrenia, it is difficult to determine what is reality and what isn’t. This mental disorder causes hallucinations, delusions, false beliefs, hearing voices, and other abnormal perceptions. However, what exactly causes schizophrenia? It is currently not exactly known what causes the illness, but many researchers believe it to be completely genetic, and include environmental factors, including trauma. But there is a suggestion that is usually shot down, but has a serious chance of actually being true. Perhaps, some sort of infectious agent (a virus for example) might trigger an immune response where the body leads to the development of a mental illness (Goldbaum, 2016).
Mental illness by definition is a disease or condition that influences the way a person perceives reality, behaves, and relates to his or her surroundings. The symptoms may vary from mild to severe. By affecting the perception and behavior of a person, it affects the brain and the nervous system by affecting sensory receptors, and specific parts of one’s brain. With schizophrenia, scientists believe that it is due to an imbalance in the complex, interrelated chemical reactions of the brain involving dopamine and glutamate (Edwards, 2011). Scientists have also studied brain tissues after the death of a patient with schizophrenia. Scientists found minute change...

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... went off topic a good amount. Firstly, the author talked about if people with schizophrenia really have multiple personalities. This question was answered fairly early and was never addressed/tied back into later in the article. Then when DID was brought up, the author spoke about that illness, instead of focusing on schizophrenia.
Your brain interoperates all the 5 senses that are presented to you, throughout your life. Certain mental illnesses however, can alter the way your brain interoperates certain stimuli, and even cause hallucinations. Many of the causes of mental illnesses that ruin a person’s life are unknown. What if the mental illness is the symptom? Or a long lasting effect of a disease contracted earlier? If infections/diseases are the cause for these illnesses, perhaps cures can be developed and further the knowledge of mental illnesses in humans.

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