Essay on Is Safety Worth Giving Up The Security Of The Us Citizens?

Essay on Is Safety Worth Giving Up The Security Of The Us Citizens?

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Tate Dyer
Mr. Millstein
English III DC 4th Period
13 May 2016
Is Safety Worth Giving up the Security of the US Citizens?

In the world today, we have progressed at an extraordinary pace. Technology, most prominently the internet and cell phones, rule the lives of nearly everyone in the United States. Different technologies are home to loads of information that allow people to communicate in an instant. However, the people of the internet may be losing their privacy for the price of their safety. A normal citizen might ask why the government wants to collect so much information from mediums such as phone calls or online communications?
In the recent decade along with the rise of technology has come the threat of terrorists or Islamic fundamentalists from the Middle East who can use this advancing technology to recruit or communicate with others. The government in the United States specifically wants any information that is left in that terrorist’s phone such as “key words or phrases that might indicate terrorist activity or intentions or that might help pinpoint the location of terrorist leaders or cells of operatives” (Henderson 26). One of the government’s most important jobs is to keep the country safe along with the people living in it. “National security officials and federal law enforcement argue their ability to eavesdrop on terror suspects is increasingly ‘going dark’, The New York Times reported, as more communication takes place via Internet services, rather than by traditional telephone” (Machan). This can lead people to believe that in order to feel safe that security sometimes must be compromised. People with opposing viewpoints value their security and may not want to give it up for their safety which causes an is...

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...uld keep them from finding it out for themselves, therefore, keeping the private information of everyone in as few hands as possible all while keeping us safe from harm. 

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