Is Robbery As An Instrumental Crime And Tells Us The Goals Essay

Is Robbery As An Instrumental Crime And Tells Us The Goals Essay

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Robert Merton theory of anomie explains robbery as an instrumental crime and tells us the goals we should desire to attain like culture goals. Our culture defines and regulates the legitimate means to achieve these goals. His explanation is in macro perspective such that crime is rooted in the social structure, not the individual because we are told what goals we should achieve but we do not have the same opportunities to the legitimate means. There is a divide in cultural goals valued by society and the structural means available to a given individual to achieve them. There has to be a goal that everyone wants but that society values like financial success. For anomie to occur the goal becomes more important than how you get it. Society has placed structural block that prevent a portion of a population from accessing legitimate means to achieve that goal. When these things come together you have strain, which makes society anomic. Innovation is most common with those that have broken the law. People accept these legitimate goals but do not have the legitimate means to achieve them, with these unavailable means; some people will use illegitimate means to achieve the goals.
Agnew’s strain theory connects criminal behaviour and blocked opportunities as an explanation for leaving bad situations. His theory is an expressive behaviour, which says when an individual is angry and frustrated, they are more likely to engage in deviant behaviour. Agnew is addressing individual adaptations to anomie and strain. He includes all types of negative relations between the individual and others. He argues that strain has a cumulative effect to increase the likelihood of you to behave in a certain way. It is a comprehensive account of how we adapt ...

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...e. It was very interesting, exciting, and enjoyable” (pg. 143).
Not all criminals are deterred from crime because there is a motivation to continue, the simplicity of the crime as portrayed by the media, greed, and the lazy attitudes they develop from making easy money. The motivation to continue comes from the partying and drugs and having access to a lot of money makes their life easier, so they continue with crime until they are caught. The media plays a big role because it shows how easy it can be, “like passing holdup notes” (pg. 8). Greed is another reason why some criminals are not deterred, as discussed in the When Need Turns to Greed case. The offender had so much money, but wanted more because of how easy it was to make money. Some offenders are lazy and do not want to work even when the economy is good because they view the working lifestyle for weak men.

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