Essay Is Revenge Ever Morally Justified?

Essay Is Revenge Ever Morally Justified?

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Is Revenge Ever Morally Justified?
The television show Leverage features a group of thieves who come together to provide their services to those who have nowhere else to go after being cheated. “The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. We provide… leverage.” (Leverage)
The characters do not follow the regular legal path in their pursuits for justice, instead they operate under the belief that their actions are morally justifiable due to their well-meaning intentions. This raises the question of whether revenge can ever be justified and if so on what grounds can it be justified? The questions of morals and revenge that are raised will be answered through normative ethics, with focus on preference utilitarianism and the work of the philosophers Robert Nozick, David Hume, the Heinz Dilemma, and Francis Bacon.
Robert Nozick was a philosopher who focused primarily in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, decision theory, and political philosophy. He saw philosophy as a tool to be used to make connections between ideas, rather than a tool used to simply convince others that a particular theory was true. What makes Nozick a beneficial philosopher to draw from for my arguments on morality in Leverage, is that he drew many of his thoughts from moral psychology, a field that is important for the topic of morals and revenge. Nozick saw the importance in protecting individuals and their property which is why his philosophy is so interesting when applied to the idea of stealing from others as a means of revenge.
Nozick firmly states that “ Individuals have rights, and there are things no person or group may do to them (without violating their rights)” (Nozick, 1...

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...everage team steal from wealthy, powerful sources (who obtained the funds in question illegally) if the funds are going to victims of the crime and the thievery is the only way to ensure that Corporal Perry and other veterans will receive the treatment that they need?
It can be strongly argued the Leverage acts in an ethically sound manner. They are not acting first and striking those who are undeserving, instead they are acting in such a way to help those who have been victimised and who have run out of legal options. The legal system does not always function perfectly and occasionally it becomes necessary to operate outside of the formal parameters in order for a desirable outcome to be achieved. Through Robert Nozick, Francis Bacon, and Lawrence Kohlberg it has been shown that the television show Leverage, is not only moral, but also acts in a justified manner.

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