Is Renewable Energy an Economically Viable Option for South Africa? Essay

Is Renewable Energy an Economically Viable Option for South Africa? Essay

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Is Renewable Energy an economically viable option for South Africa?
South Africa mainly focuses on producing and making energy from mining coal. Although this is very effective and has been used for a very long time. The problem is that fossil fuels are limited because of the time needed to create them over millions of years and the tones of pressure that needs to be applied to form fossil fuels. The process in South Africa goes as follows, first deep mines are dug out to reach and get all the fossil fuels, which is a very big negative because of the high risk of injury and death cases, one of the other negatives is also that it has a large impact on the environment with all the unwanted dust and ground with poisonous compounds in it, that because being so expensive to ship and transport to an area that you can get rid of it is expensive which leads to the mining sectors just dumping it next to or close to the mine. Then the fossil fuels are shipped to the various different power stations. They are then used to create heat to make steam which then turns a turbine. After that the ash that remains is not renewable and can’t be used in any way except when it has been ‘washed’ . Another negative is the carbon dioxide that is released destroys one of our most important layers of protection against sun rays. There is only so much fossil fuel.
South Africa’s economical situation is almost as low as it has ever been with the Rand dropping to R10.44 to the Euro . This causes the search of just renewable energy very expensive for the government, the private sector and the citizens of South Africa. Having prices of Wind Turbines reaching over one million rand, renewable energy options for South Africa are slowing down. If the renewa...

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...overnment can turn old power stations into places where you can start businesses and hostiles it can contribute to paying for the new renewable energy plants which can lead to a lot more attention spent on educating the workers of the various power stations.
If South Africa changed from old to new power stations so many lives and businesses can be improved and controlled. I think that South Africa’s economic level is now good enough to get all the technology and there would also be enough money for research to improve knowledge of renewable resources therefore making it a very good option for South Africa to get these new resources.
In conclusion I think that if more money is spent on renewable energy South Africa’s economic value will go up and increase with investors which will lead to even more money that can be spent on finding more options for the future.

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