Is Reality Show For A Change? Essay example

Is Reality Show For A Change? Essay example

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Real or Not Real: Reality Show for a Change

How influential can popular culture be for teenagers? Why is popular culture always redefine by the young adult population? There are many aspects of popular culture that affect how different teenagers see life. Take into consideration Reality TV, which has been glamorize in modern society as “popular.” The image of watching almost real but in most cases fictional shows in TV, instead of the ordinary scripted TV show, attracts in mostly young adults, ages 12-21, because it gives them an aspect of imagining their life in different shoe sizes, because they are able to connect with the main character(s) of the show. Many argue that reality TV affects teenagers’ perspective on life because it brings them with abnormal ideas by idealizing inappropriate concepts such drugs, teen pregnancy, crime, bullying, etc. Though, it may sound logically true that reality TV may change behavioral acts in young adults, if critically thought, reality TV actually brings the many events that are considered “popular” among the young adult community to teach them the consequences or rewards that come for choosing to do that action. Because of these notions reality TV is always been shift to focus in displaying these ideas in their shows. The truth is that since reality TV is able to display the effects of such concepts can cause in someone’s live, teenagers are able to share a connection. A connection that in all manners, reality TV will not cause behavioral differences on teenagers, instead it will be grasped more as a learning source. In such way, Reality TV serves as a good learning source for young adults because it offers them with the knowledge for comprehending the ins and outs of what the real world is ...

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...ion to build a connection within each other. Greg insights on reality TV explain the phenomenon of diversification on reality shows, “reality television 's desire to offer compelling social experiments centered on interpersonal conflict and competing worldviews makes it one of the most diverse genres on TV… reality television gives minorities a fair chance to express their views and to become viewer favorites.” The question whether if it is actually valid for reality TV to be so guileful for teenagers? Reality television is a commonality among the young population because it is very diversely sprout. Teenagers, believe it or not, are very intriguing to learning about different cultures, religions and ethnicities. Exploring different cultures has become really popular among teenagers because it brings them to new ways of living life, in a manner more of their liking.

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