Is Racism A Permanent Feature Of American Society? Essay

Is Racism A Permanent Feature Of American Society? Essay

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Issue 9 “Is racism a permanent feature of American Society?” article talks about the ideology of racism and how slavery is being blamed for racism. According to the article Derrick Bell argues yes that the prospects for achieving racial equality in the United States are “illusory” for blacks. Issue 9 states that America’s society is based on racism and does not live up to its creed. Derrick Bell explains that how African Americans were ashamed to be slaves, today racism still exists, and how African Americans will never gain equality in America. Derick Bell racism shapes American society as a whole today. Derrick Bell believes that discrimination is practiced indiscriminately on a day to day basis. Whites are ready to applaud and idolize black athletes and entertainers, but refuse to hire or even work in the same place/team with a black person. Derrick Bell is for the issue of racism being a permanent feature of American society and will not change.
Issue 11 “Did Hurricane Katrina expose racism in America?“ article talks whether or not did hurricane Katrina caused racism to take place in America. Adolph Reed Argues that yes hurricane Katrina exposed racism in America. Adolph mentions that hurricane Katrina was an opportunity to separate the whites and blacks even if some fit in the same poverty category. Adolph believes that the new poverty communities will only consist of African American residents because that’s how the government will section them. Adolph mentions that “Left behind are masses to fend for themselves, particularly since the “moving to opportunity” programs are themselves used as an excuse to disinvest in these poor black communities that are written off as beyond redemption (Reed 3).”

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...vernment purposely took long to respond to this natural disaster when it occurred. Majority of the communities that were affected were African Americans and because they were African Americans no one really wanted to help them. On the other side of the argument Shelby Steele argued that no hurricane Katrina did not expose racism in America. According to Shelby “The notion that a focus on white racism is a proper response to the conditions of black life in New Orleans that were exposed by Katrina.” I agreed that hurricane Katrina did not expose racism in America. If you go back to both empire periods (reconstruction and civil rights) after slavery ended then civil rights began that’s when racism really began. Even far back to western civilization time racism was a problem so how can hurricane Katrina start racism in America when it already existed way before that?

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