Is Pursuing A Bachelor 's Degree? Essay

Is Pursuing A Bachelor 's Degree? Essay

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I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree (BFA) in Interactive Media Design (IMD) at Franklin University. There are a multitude of reasons why I have chosen this degree; some personal, some professional, and some employment related.
Personally, with the responsibilities of life, the convenience of an online program was a top priority. Additionally, because of where I work, I get an extra 15% discount on tuition at Franklin. Once I landed on an institution, I took a look at the programs within. The IMD program is a great fit for my current interests and my passion around the subject. The final decision was made once I went through the transcript review process and found I was able to transfer a lot of previous credit. After this class, I only have to take 13 classes to complete my degree. With three future planned transfer classes and one hopeful test-out, it will actually be difficult to maintain the residency credit requirement for graduation; a good problem to have when starting a new school. Being a positive role model is the most rewarding reason for coming back to school. By ...

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