Is Prostitution a Sin? Essay

Is Prostitution a Sin? Essay

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How do you define the word “prostitution”? Is this only a business of selling or buying of sex? Researcher said that it is beyond the physical act between a men and women for money. Abolitionist came up with many ideas to prohibit the prostitution business but they could not make it happen. In ancient era, there were women who were treated like prostitutes called concubines and now they are called sex workers. Prostitution started centuries ago and still it is going on. Although prostitution is illegal in most part of the world, the number of sex workers is increasing gradually. Prostitution should be legal in order to terminate criminalization of prostitutes, provide safety to the sex workers, and also to tackle the issue of illegal trafficking.
Sex workers are the women who are coerced to pursue prostitution as their vocation, and they are the one who are criminalized instead of the sex traffickers. Decriminalizing sex workers can help to eliminate the exploitation of sex workers. Jane Scoular, a professor of University of Strathclyd, Scotland, provides us information about a country that has stopped criminalizing sex workers. Sweden stopped criminalizing sex workers instead it persecuted the people who purchase sexual services (7). Instead of persecuting sex workers, people who purchase sexual services should be punished. This kind of law helps sex workers to be free from unnecessary persecution of police and the pimps. Rapists and Pimps will be alert before trying to harm a sex worker. Many women do not even know that they are sold. After getting into the dark brothel, they realize that they are trapped into the prostitute business. There is no point of outlawing prostitutes as they do not have any role in any crime. If prost...

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