Is Procrastination As A Stress Factor? Essay

Is Procrastination As A Stress Factor? Essay

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One could refer to procrastination as a stress factor; since most college students are constantly stressed they often turn to procrastination when faced with a large number of tasks. With jobs, volunteer activities, relationships to sustain, and families to entertain, students barely have time to complete their endless assignments, and time waits for no man. Even though many students consider procrastination the simple act of delaying their assignments, recent research, particularly on learning disabilities, shows that procrastination is related to lower levels of self-regulated learning and associated with higher levels of anxiety, stress, and illness; therefore, colleges around the U.S. should have programs that help improve the mental and physical health of its students to decrease procrastination issues.
To begin with, the adverse effects of procrastination are often caused by the reasons some people have to procrastinate. Behaviorists believe that procrastination is a learned habit developed from a human preference for pleasurable activities and short–term rewards (McCown 1-89). This systematic favoring of temporary delight creates high levels of stress later on. Research shows that the hardship associated with managing certain emotions while stressed, is the cause of one’s procrastination habits: “Procrastination normally coexists with other negative states, such as discomfort, anxiety, or self-doubts.” (Knaus). This explains the depth of the problem; subconscious fears incite procrastination, and they are not easily evaded; some may delay their work if the thought of said work arises negative feelings. A study of the logic of procrastination tell us that uncertainty is part of the reason for which the need to plan...

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...ions, and approaching larger projects or those with longer timelines in smaller segments with progress checks along the way,” eliminate multiple excuses used when procrastinating. That is why certain schools, for instance, Miami Dade College in Florida, provide major incentives for students to use the college’s computer courtyard, which provides an effective studying environment, along with tutoring available to encourage its students to start early and decrease procrastination.
Hence, it is important to keep in mind, that while procrastination is easy to identify it is not easy to eliminate, and brings great consequences. With high anxiety and stress, it is easy to lose track of an assignment, which is why even though some may work better under pressure, all colleges and universities around the U.S. should not put off diminishing procrastination around their campus.

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