Is Prison And Jail? Essay

Is Prison And Jail? Essay

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The topic I am interested in is prison and jail. I am interested in this topic because I have been watching lots of tv shows involving police officers arresting people and dealing with prisoners in jail and prison. When I started watching “Cops” and “Campus PD” I wondered what happens to the criminals when they are arrested and taken to jail or prison. When I started wondering this question I started to watch Beyond, Scared, Straight and it shows what some prisoners do when they aren’t in their jail cell or in their cell block. When the criminals are not in their jail cells or in their cell blocks they come in and talk to kids and teenagers on Beyond, Scared, Straight that are messing up and may soon end up in jail or prison. When the criminals talk with these people they are telling them what they did to land themselves to being a criminal being locked up in jail or prison.
Jail and prison are places that you don’t want to go to if you still want to ensure you have rights. When you are in jail you don’t get a choice on what you do you do what you are told to do. When you are in jail you get to eat what they provide you with and that’s all you get, if you choose not to eat you will starve and go hungry so don’t be a picky eater when locked up. When it comes to your uniform you wear that everyday get it washed on average of once a week. When it comes to taking a shower you better be careful because you say or do something to the wrong person they will hurt you and the shower is a blind spot where cameras don’t see very well. If you get hurt and if you tell the officer what happened if that person that beat you up finds out you told on them when they see you again they will beat you again, they tend to go by the motto, ...

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...lly happened and the inmate that did the action to them in the first place finds out they snitched when they see that person again they will beat them again and even worse than they did the last time.
After stating all of this information there are some things to remember for someone out in the real world today. The first thing is think before you do things that you know will get you in trouble. The second thing is when you decide to do bad things think about the freedoms you have right at that time and think about the freedoms you will have when your locked for a crime you committed. The last and final thing if you have someone that you hang out with doing something that you know is wrong, stay away from that person because if you hang out with them that will just make you look bad and you may end up getting you in trouble just because you hung out with them.

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