Is Plymouth Community A Ethnically Diverse Community? Essay examples

Is Plymouth Community A Ethnically Diverse Community? Essay examples

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According to the above case study, Plymouth is an ethnically diverse community with different groups of the population living including African American, Hispanic and Caucasian population. It showed that 40 percent increments in the community population of the Plymouth. Among other population, there was declined in the Caucasian population. According to the case study, the Plymouth community is facing declining in the community’s population because of various reasons such as economic issue and lack of employment opportunities. As it was listed that the previous population of the Plymouth community was 15,000 and the recent population is just 8,000. It seemed significant declining in the population of the Plymouth community because 7,000 population migrated to other locations, which is almost half of that community’s population. Even in the rural community, there’s still a hospital provided for the people, called Greenland hospital, which is a typical small community rural hospital. Along with that, there are other comfort and supermarket in that area. The new Super 8 Inn and a Walmart are the pride of their community that helps in economic development of the Plymouth community. Even in the rural community, Greenland hospital still provides quality care to the people, and the hospital has 100 licensed beds and just 50 staffs who give their best to provide service to the community. The Greenland hospital has been getting the positive feedbacks from the community and along with that nurses are very dedicated to their work and provide the senior care, but there’s only healthcare provider in this place, but it seems declining in the community’s population which became a major issue that both Greenland hospital and Plymouth community i...

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...enland should be dealing with issues. After that, they need to apply the effective solutions to diminish these issues by implementing the active team work within the management staff and keep the consistency in their hard work to overcome the issues and also bring more social awareness program within the community. If the hospital would be recruiting volunteers to work for hospital, that could ease the workload of limited staff that are available in the hospital. Additionally, the hospital should be handing out PSA to convey health messages by making people aware about health condition so they will have less prevalent of getting risk of diseases. Furthermore, it’s vital for hospitals to spread knowledge about healthy behaviors to make the healthful community because people within the community prefer the well-being and healthy living environments to live longevity.

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