Is Petri Dish Miracles? Essay

Is Petri Dish Miracles? Essay

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Petri Dish Miracles
According to the many parents, the preadolescence years are the hardest and most challenging phase a child goes through in life. During these years, identity crisis and peer pressure surge as the beginning of their hormonal and emotional stages in life commence.
For child conceived through In Vitro Fertilization and/or egg donation, in some cases, the feelings are harder to explain. Questions get more difficult, and explaining their conception becomes a science presentation. Bioengineering through egg donation and/or IVF should be made totally illegal in the United States because of the violation to the natural rights of both donors and their children, unethical handling and disposal of fertilized embryos, negative impacts upon society as a whole and physical and psychological health of all parties involved.
In a perfect world, any couple with the desire to conceive and raise children would have the unchallenging opportunity at procreating their own genetic combination. Unfortunately, due to the infertility of heterosexual couples or physical barriers that same sex couples face, we have resorted to the bioengineering technology of conceiving the miracle of life on a small plastic petri dish, sanitized and sterilized of course. My take on this very important issue begins with my concern for the well-being of not just the “parents”, but donors and children involved. In vitro fertilization has revolutionized methods, but it does eliminate the negative consequences that are produced by this method. However it will also limit, and perhaps end scientific breakthroughs such as stem cell research and karyomapping: a technique for determining whether an embryo has inherited a genetic defect by analyzing DNA taken fro...

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...nceived, later to know that their donor does not want to be contacted and rather maintain anonymity. The spouse that is a parent to the child but is not biologically his/hers can lead to issues between parents and children. Feelings of hatred, envy, regret, unworthiness, and grief as one parent state
In conclusion, the practice of In Vitro Fertilization and egg donation challenge and negatively affect many aspects in the lives of not the donor but the parents and children as well. Children can be seen as a commodity to some extent. I feel the overall effects of IVF and/or egg donation are negative and therefore need to be banned because of the violation to the natural rights of both donors and their children, unethical handling and disposal of fertilized embryos, negative impacts upon society as a whole and physical and psychological health of all parties involved.

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