Is Overpopulation A Minor Issue? Essay

Is Overpopulation A Minor Issue? Essay

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Today the world’s population is 7.3 billion people and it keeps growing according to the U.S Census. Population growth has been rapidly increasing and it has become one of the biggest issues we have today. Throughout time population growth has increased slowly due to diseases, climate disasters, and other similar things. However, recently the human population growth has been increasing rapidly. This has become an issue because it has affected our economic, environmental, and social aspects of the world. This has also caused school, towns and streets to be overcrowded. Population growth has reached extraordinary numbers and it keeps increasing every single second that goes by. For others population growth is not an issue, “Rules, laws, and customs that enhance markets and economic freedom will improve human welfare and environmental quality making overpopulation a minor issue” (Emmett). As population nears its peak, it can be supported as long the right investments are made, but even if there were rules and other laws people would probably not follow them. We have laws and rules now and some people don’t even bother following them. This escalading large number of the world’s population has become a major issue that has overwhelmingly destructive impacts. Pollution for example has caused instability on the soil, air, and water which is all caused by human activities. The more population growth the more issues the world has.
The world has experienced human population growth throughout history. Even from the beginning of time and human civilization the rulers recognized that keeping track of the people living under their rule was necessary, so they could prevent famine or the scarcity of other resources (population growth). Today w...

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...s all raised concern about the earth’s capacity to provide with sufficient recourses to meet our demands as a population. No one really knows how many people the earth can support in a sustainable manner. One thing that is certain is that as our population increases and we expand, and we’re actively destroying the Earth’s biodiversity
There’s several solutions to this problem and I believe that one of them includes improving the status of all females but also educating both genders. Another way to help with this problem is by providing information on family planning and other services to those who don’t have any. Adopting children instead of having them would not only help overpopulation, but it would also help those poor children who are in need of homes. Also having easier availability to health services would help decrease the rapid growth of human population.

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