Is Osteopathic Medicine As Your Professional Choice? Becoming A Physician?

Is Osteopathic Medicine As Your Professional Choice? Becoming A Physician?

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Describe the top three reasons you have chosen osteopathic medicine as your professional choice in becoming a physician (Please use your own description and not one that widely describes the profession).

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Lifeguarding has been a part of my life for nearly two years. I encountered situations ranging from a bloody nose to an unconscious guest. While each situation has a basic procedure we follow, the case at hand must be uniquely evaluated. One incident I faced required a treatment strategy for an unconscious guest plus the factor of a seizure. A younger woman passed out waiting in line for a slide and collapsed to the ground. While unconscious, I assessed her breathing and pulse. During my assessment, her mother explained she is prone to seizures. Knowing this fact, along with her state of unconsciousness, I rested her head on a tube to prevent possible injury. Within minutes, the woman went into a seizure and luckily emergency medical service arrived on the scene to take over. In another incident, a young girl hit her head against a rock wall. She cried while strapped to a backboard for a spinal injury. I immediately moved near her head and tried to calm her. Within minutes, she calmed down and even began laughing at the jokes I made. Both of these incidents required understanding how each guest is unique and all factors, from heath to mental condition, play an important factor in our treatment strategy. We strive to tend to guests in a holistic and efficient matter, allowing for a much more successful outcome in nearly all emergency situations.
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..., but their overall impression of the medical field. This impression spans to every position, including my volunteer position. Physicians encounter countless people during their careers, even beginning in the years as a medical student. Learning about the people behind it all and participating in this service to the community are activities I find fulfilling and are major motives in my choice to pursue medicine. Each patient is simply a person, maybe with a family, or even a vastly complex background. Reaching out to know that person, not only the disease or illness they have, may relieve the tension and anxiety they more than likely are experiencing. The man weeping in the hallway was simply scared and alone, hoping to be reunited with his family. Alleviating this situation, as well as similar situations in the future, is something I look forward to as a physician.

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