Is Online Poker Bouncing Back? Essay

Is Online Poker Bouncing Back? Essay

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Article 17 – Is online poker bouncing back?

Ask an online casino industry analyst what they think of online poker and odds are you will get a diatribe about how the industry is dying. Problems had become rife in the United States, with three of the world’s biggest names being raided and subsequently shut down on the other side of the Atlantic. Profits headed south and membership levels justly did the same. Many had written off the industry entirely, with poker being labeled as more as a novelty within an online casino rather than a necessity. But statistics show that online poker is currently in the midst of a turn around, so was the industry written off too soon?

Depending on whom you listen to, the industry has tailed off more than 20% since 2012, with the issues in America spreading to British shores. A day dubbed as “Black Friday”, saw the US government clamp down on online poker to an extent that it was no longer viable to operate there. The industry was pushed onto the back foot and desperately needed to regroup and in many ways that is what has happened. The much-publicised downturn is seemingly coming to end, with industry stabilisation also being discussed.

Throughout the 2000s online poker was riding such a huge wave of momentum that online poker providers almost had a license to print money. In many ways this caused several to lose focus with regards to the direction of their business. The approach in 2015 has been to streamlined and get back to basis. Many high-profile mergers have taken place, while operating costs have been cut dramatically in order to push forward increased growth. Europe is experiencing the largest amount of growth in the field of online poker, as while 85 nations around the world offer up onlin...

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...takes players to the mysterious heart of ancient Egypt. Taking place along a secret underground river, this game presents glorious graphics and a gameplay set–up that rivals the very best in the business. 5 reels, 25 paylines, wild spins, and free spins, make River of Riches a river well worth travelling down.

Adventure Palace

While it isn’t truly a new slots title, it is definitely one of the years best looking. Adventure Palace was originally released several years ago, but from day one the colourful title proved to be a big hit amongst players, with positive reviews dominating online casino portal comments sections. Taking place deep within the jungle, players are on a mission to investigate all that’s going on and unearthing winnings in the process. The new incarnation of the game stays loyal to the originals mechanics, but has been given a complete HD overhaul.

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