Is Nursing A Form Of Punishment Is All About Compassionate And Non Judgmental Care?

Is Nursing A Form Of Punishment Is All About Compassionate And Non Judgmental Care?

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Nursing professionals deal with a lot of stress in the course of their duty and this could lead to burnouts, and frustration. They absorb both positive and negative aura constantly when dealing with suffering and dying patients and their families. Due to their close proximity with patients, they stand the risk of getting blamed when situations become unpleasant. However, the most important factor to recall is that nursing is all about compassionate and non-judgmental care.
It is imperative to note that many patients believe that their illness is a form of punishment from God perhaps because of a past sin or an unfulfilled promise. When this happens, they lose hope and begin to turn alienate themselves in lieu of seeking the face of God. They question their relationship with and express anger towards God for their current situation; they do not bear this burden of guilt alone, and it falls on their immediate families and caregivers as well. St Paul reminds us in 2nd letter to the Corinthians of the blessed exchange which we share with Christ who took on our sin, so that we can beco...

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