Essay on Is Nuclear Power the Way to Go?

Essay on Is Nuclear Power the Way to Go?

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Is nuclear power the way to go?

Nuclear Power? What is nuclear power and why do so countries pursuit it or ask to be ban? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency nuclear power is created through a process call fission where uranian atoms are seperate which leads to the release of energy (paragraph one,, 4/22/2011). The first major investment on nuclear power was seen in the Manhanttan Project. The results of the Manhanttan Project were seen on the island Japan during World War Two, where two nuclear bomb were used to end the war in the pacific. Ever since that event, nations have put their best scientist to make create nuclear power, some invest on nuclear research for alternative method of energy or security. For example, in 1974, India was able to create a nuclear weapon which make their mortal enemy, Pakistan, to create a nuclear weapon because they fear India might used on their homeland. As nuclear power was been develop for peaceful purposes, as well for security purposes, it has caused damage to the environment, it has being disastrous and a threat to world security.


The usage of nuclear power can be harmful for the environment. Nuclear power facilities create vast amount of wasted which is later reuse in a process call reproccessing. According to the article, Nuclear Reprocessing: Dangerous, Dirty, and Expensive, publish by the Union of Concerned Scientist, they mentions that process of reprocessing is when plutonium and uranium are seperate from nuclear waste by using huge amount of chemicals (paragraph one,, 04/05/2011), which shows that more nuclear waste is being create from already nuclear waste. In addition, reprocessing have been seen as a method to eliminat...

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..., eventhough they are losing ground on the certain regions in the country (paragraph one, Riedel, 10/12/2009), thus, making it clear that Pakistan nuclear plans are a threat to national security. Therefore, if Pakistan are a threat to national security then all nuclear plants are a threat. Finally, in the article by Ashton and Kayyen, they mention that Osama Bin Laden had consulted Pakistani scientist and talked about nuclear weapons (paragraph five, Ashton, Carter and others, 06/27/2005), which shows that same scientist creating nuclear weapons for the government are selling information to terrorist. Pakistan instable government creates a great threat.


Overall, nuclear power is not answer to alternative clean energy because its hurts the enviroment, it can devastated and its a target for terrorist. The world would be a better without nuclear power.

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Essay on Is Nuclear Power the Way to Go?

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