The Is Not Just Someone That Fights Against Terrorists Or Criminals? Essay

The Is Not Just Someone That Fights Against Terrorists Or Criminals? Essay

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A sheepdog is not just someone that fights against terrorists or criminals—they are somebody who fights for what they believe in. As a youth pastor, Shane believed that there is hope for everyone; no matter how much of a hold the Devil has on them. This stout Italian has cooked many meals for teenagers he doesn’t even know, and watched them grow into God-loving, driven adults. Some of these were drug addicts, gothics, and other ill-fitting characters. When his marriage was on the verge of destruction, Shane seemed to harness the same skills that allowed him to change teenagers’ lives, but used it on his wife, Wendy. Because he never gave up, Shane Minné is a sheepdog.
Wendy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age. When she fell in love with Shane Minné, both of them saw it as something to be conquered. However, 25 years later, it did not seem so easy. Wendy went through an extreme episode caused by the disorder, and nearly threw out their marriage. The situation would have reached that point had her husband not had the courage to stand up and fight for it. Everyday, he had the option to throw in the towel but he chose not to. She had left her family and her home, but Shane still helped her buy a new car when her vehicle died. He was there for her even when she had nothing but hurtful things to say to him, remaining patient, kind and just. Some might see Shane as a sheep in this situation, but part of being a sheepdog is knowing when to act and when it’s better not to. In these cases, Shane saw it best not to get too involved, as he did not want to scare Wendy off or torment her any further, but he also knew that he couldn’t sit back and do nothing. He saw the same kind of situation going on inside of her ...

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...e its hold, but Shane was determined to set his wife free from the enemy, gain her back, and reestablish his marriage. He didn’t take the easy way out and let it lead to destruction of everything he’s ever accomplished. Their two children’s futures depended on his decision to fight, making it worth so much more than his comfort or even just him.
As you can see, my youth pastor, Shane, has done so much to help the lives of those around him. Whether it’s his wife, children, or random teenagers, he has always been there to help them out and provide for their needs in any way he can. His qualities of perseverance, sacrificial love, and ability to know when to act played a key role in overcoming the wolf of Wendy’s brain. These characteristics restored his family, his job, and his life. Without them, Shane wouldn’t have ever been able to overcome this circumstance.

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