The Is Not Dead, And Will Most Likely Never Die Essay

The Is Not Dead, And Will Most Likely Never Die Essay

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In order for an art form to be classified as “dead,” it must not only stop being produced, but it must also stop being appreciated by both audience members and artists. An art form dies when people stop developing it. Latin, for example, is a dead language because even though people continue to study it, the language is no longer spoken, and it has not been “modernized” at all—it lacks everyday use and purpose. Jazz music, on the other hand, is not dead, and will most likely never die. This is partly due to its historical significance and prominence in America since the genre’s conception. It signified a shift or change in racial tensions and bridged the social gap between whites and blacks. Its importance is displayed through the ways in which it has influenced the birth and evolution of other musical genres. There should not be concern as to whether jazz is going to die or not because, at least in America, it will forever be appreciated as a true art form. Jazz may never again have the same popularity as it once did, nor will it have the same number of audience members and fans as other genres, but as long as there are people listening, appreciating, and playing jazz, it will continue to be created. Mass appeal is not the only determining factor in the success of an art form. Jazz may be dead in terms of being popular music, but today, it is recognized more as art music and aspects of jazz can be found in every song that people now listen to.
The musicians who have undyingly expressed a deep love and passion for the music are the ones who have kept jazz alive. When jazz was first being played, the musicians did not care about the fame or the money that came with the music’s rising popularity. They only played out of love for t...

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...f jazz style into their own works every day by taking it in original directions. “Change occurs when someone wants the language or music to do something it is not doing, at which point the stimulus for change is born” (Nicholson 71). People started getting bored with jazz, but this boredom stimulated a desire for change. Thus, jazz began to evolve and bleed into other genres.
Ultimately, no genre of music is dead. Rather, certain types of music go into hibernation or have periods of decreased popularity. Then, at some point, a person or group revives the music because they have a love or passion for it. Music is a universal language that far too many people are passionate about to let any certain genre entirely die out. Humans are dependent upon music for self-expression, but all people are attracted to different sounds, which is why so many types of music exist.

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