Essay on The Is Not A Tutoring Place

Essay on The Is Not A Tutoring Place

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Kumon, despite most people’s opinion, is not a tutoring place. Kumon is kind of like a second school. Students at Kumon get classwork and homework, and most of the time they’re learning different things than what they’re learning at school. We alphabetize our levels. Math, for example, starts from 3A to O. We have many students at Kumon, and most of them start from a lover level with concepts they most likely know already. The reason for that is because we want our students to know the concept really well so they finish the packets fast and get most of the answers right. We help our students in reading and math, and we help them be successful. There are many age groups at Kumon. We have kindergarteners, high schoolers, and once, we even had a professor. Students come to Kumon if they don’t understand either subjects, want to stay on track, or want to get ahead. Throughout the years, I realized that Kumon isn’t just a school, it’s a big family that cares about each other.
When I was in seventh grade my family and I moved to El Mirage, and they made new friends. It just so happened that their kids were going to Kumon. After many conversations about Kumon between my parents and their friends, my parents decided to sign me and my sister up at Kumon. Although we tried to change their mind, our efforts didn’t work. Going to Kumon was the most embracing thing I had to do up until then. I was an honor student and I was smart. I didn’t want to go to a second school, especially when I was doing well in school. Mostly, I was embarrassed to go to two schools. “What would my friends think? … That I was dumb!” For the longest time I was mad at my parents’ friends for telling them about Kumon. I even regretted meeting then even though I was go...

... middle of paper ... a student there and then I became her “teacher” and we became good friends. I have other friends there. Some I even met outside of work and talked to them. They were all happy to see me. I have more friends that are students, than that are colleagues. I always told my parents that if teachers got payed more that I would be a teacher. I got so much satisfaction from seeing the smiles on the students’ faces.
Throughout the course of six years of going to Kumon, as a student a worker, I realized that we’re all a big family. All the workers work together and care about each other, but most of all I consider my students part of the family. They’re the reason I want to work at Kumon and even consider getting a job in teaching. They’re the reason I enjoy working there. Even though I didn’t like Kumon at first, I wormed up to it and in the end I enjoyed going to Kumon.

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