Is Money The Key For A Content Life? Essay

Is Money The Key For A Content Life? Essay

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Life would be so easier if money were to grow on trees. The exchange of hard work to pay would no longer exists; humans can now stay at home and live their lives happily ever after, however, will people really feel happy? When it comes to the topic of what happiness truly is, generally people will readily agree that money is the key to a content life. Whereas some are convinced that happiness comes from within; having the ability to overcome the obstacles life has to give, eventually creates a happy person because the sense of accomplishment is empowering. Although money is the motive for most, having it is not the result of happiness, it is purely the amount of hard work put in that makes humans happy due to their positive outlook on life.
As human beings, the sense of purpose and meaning is in the air. If money were to grow on trees, the unlimited supply of money would devour people’s ambition to discover themselves. People need to know their capability to overcome difficult times is manageable. It is the very struggle that shape people into a better, happier person because knowing nothing got in the way of success is the rewarding feeling money can’t give.
Coming from a young mother of two, now and again, it can feel so overwhelming that for nothing will ever get finished such as school assignments. The consistent struggle to adjust
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between being a mother, a student and youthful can particularly cut a woman down, yet knowing there is a reason for everything in life keeps the wheels moving. Toward the end of each day when the children are sound asleep, after all their battling, shouting and crying, settling down in bed simply considering how life could have been without them is inconceivable, truth be told, they ar...

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...echniques to capture people 's behaviors, thoughts, or feelings as they occur in real-time by involving random signaling in a way to measure happiness. Csikzentmihalyi concluded, ". . .happiness is affected by preparation for the future: young people who study more are on the whole happier, presumably because they realize that by building psychological capital the range of opportunities and hence their freedom will increase in the future" ("Happiness In Everyday Life: The Uses Of Experience Sampling”). In effect, Csikszentmihalyi study reveals insight to the entire idea concerning why happiness is the 'adventure not the destination ' angle state of mind by proving that individuals have a tendency to be more content when they 're doing

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something productive, thus, verifying happiness to be a working progress not a feeling brought forth because of money.

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