Is Mercy A Word Of Mercy? Essay

Is Mercy A Word Of Mercy? Essay

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Mercy is a word that is often overused and inaccurately referenced. We hear faint echoes of Uncle Jesse saying "have mercy" or some executioner stating that God may have mercy on your soul. But I do not think that these are the connotations that we should have with this precious powerful word. The general or average North American English speaker would agree that the word mercy would encompass compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one 's power to punish or harm. I would like to address 7 topics in which we should incorporate more mercy; and if done so we would have stronger more meaningful relationships. These ten topics are: sharing interests, spending time, communication, listening, knowing needs, being loving, and whole heartedly committing.
Shared Interests
When in a relationship, both marital and amenable you will need to have some sort of similarity with the other person. You do not need to necessarily love all of the same things or only do things that are similar, but you have to have to be able to enjoy those things. It is important that these activities, topics or interests are valued by the other person. These will bring you closer together and help you get to know them on a stronger deeper level. Take value in what the other person enjoys. It does not have to be your new favorite thing, but know that it is something that they enjoy and that if you value them and want them to be happy you will create worth in that topic.
Spending Time Together
Life can get difficult when it comes to the movement and list of things to do in your life. I grew up having my parents constantly making time for each other. When I was younger I could see and feel the implications that this meant to them, but not al...

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...f you do not tell your spouse that you love them, then how will they know? It will not be as obvious as you may expect it to be.

Wholeheartedly Committing
We are human and we make mistakes. Small things are often easily forgiven and forgotten, but when it comes to the bigger things that is where it gets more difficult. Love is going to be the key to allow mercy and forgiveness into our lives and relationships. With that I believe that if we take responsibility for our own actions we will be able to take more responsibility in all that we are doing. Within marriage you have sworn lasting promises especially within the LDS church. Couples need to set clear, comprehensible and transparent goals with each other. And be reevaluating those goals with frequency. Search to know and understand more fully what is expected of you and what to do in order to be successful.

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