Is Medicine A Perfect Place For My Skills? Essay example

Is Medicine A Perfect Place For My Skills? Essay example

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I have always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles and challenges. I recall the first patient that I interviewed. She was a middle aged woman complaining of chest pain. My mind flowed from one question to the next as I realized that although a cardiac origin was most worrisome, I also had to consider other possible etiologies. This was my first encounter with the thrill that medicine brings. The ability to peruse the knowledge we have so that we can help our patients is nothing short of impressive. When this is merged with my strong communication skills along with the ability to build lasting relationships, one can see how Family Medicine becomes a perfect place for my skills set.
When I began clinical, Family Medicine was not a field that I knew much about. During fourth year I completed a mandatory one month elective in Family Medicine and thoroughly enjoyed it. The diversity and the long term care that I was able to become a part of brought a sense of satisfaction that was in itself rewarding.
During clinical years, I understood the invaluable gift of a great teacher. One of the best teachers I encountered was in my Family Medicine rotation. I saw innovative problem-solving in action as different situations arrived. It was amazing to see how as Family Medicine practitioners we become the first line to the treatment and management of so many diseases and also the ones that recognize cases that could otherwise become fatal. This was obvious during a routine check-up with an elderly gentleman. He had no complains but on review of systems, he cited increased fatigue. A CBC and some other tests were ran and his CBC came back showing that he was anemic. With further investigations his colon cancer was caught and treated at an early stage. This is...

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...ways been a great team member. My appreciation for cultural differences enhanced by the diversity in my training adds to who I have become throughout the years. Leadership qualities shown by my positions on the executive of the Student Government Association, liaison between my Government and Vincentian students in Grenada, Student spokesperson for my university, as well as my present role as a learning strategist with responsibility for academic progress, have all gleaned on my communication skills and enhanced my resourcefulness. My academic journey has been one of character building and I believe my residency experience will add new facets to this foundation. I know that I would be an invaluable addition to your team and I am confident that I possess all the qualities, motivation and passion it takes to become a prominent member of this time-honored profession.

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