Is Media Bad for Democracy? Essay

Is Media Bad for Democracy? Essay

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Today, Americans are evenly divided over if media is bad for democracy or if it promotes democracy. Therefore, statistically media is not good or no bad is in the middle based on the public viewing, but do researchers prove that media is in the middle? Therefore I take my stands to prove that media is bad for democracy using research and data which is provided by various sources.
According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary democracy is an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights. We then ask ourselves how often the media promote us to have equal rights or if they allow us to make our own decisions. In America media is in many forms. You have mass media; print media broadcast media, broadcasting, narrowcasting, and sound bites. These are just some ways in which media is presented to you. When media is therefore displayed it has lasting effects on people in which then hurts democracy. According to the Democratic Deficits, chapter 9, Negative News, “perspective argues that television broadcasting in general, and accumulated effects arising from the standard tone of Television news reporting in particular, usually fosters public mistrust of government, dissatisfaction with regime institutions, and thus contributes towards civic disengagement.” This is basically saying that the public is going to lose faith in the government based on their lack of truth, don’t give any support to those who are running for power, and lower the participation rate of the people in which will make major changes in government. This will affect the political process by only those rich people that know beyond the going to the polls and voting. In this article it also states that Television broadcasting fuel cyn...

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...d it influences the majority of the individuals that do vote. There for we say yes media can have a sizeable political impact, especially when a politician controls a substantial share of the media.
Media is therefore bad for democracy. Stated throughout this paper is the level of bias that is displayed in media. This level of bias sways the public far right or far left. Their decisions are based on one side of a political point of view. They are repeatedly fed with misguided information that eventually make they choose based on the information they receive. The media tends to hide the truth and to pick and choose what they really want you to hear not necessarily what you need to hear. Its stated that media is filled with bias information but is ignored to suit those of higher power. Therefore media is bad for democracy and is misguiding those who it reaches to.

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