Is Mayo 's Corporate Culture Something That Other Healthcare Systems Can Copy?

Is Mayo 's Corporate Culture Something That Other Healthcare Systems Can Copy?

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Mayo Clinic is a hospital that is as well-known by many to be a haven of caring and concerned doctors whos’ sole focus is to give their patients the type of care they would want their families to receive if they were patients. According to Colquitt, LePine, and Wesson (Mayo Case Study, 2014), Mayo Clinic has established a customer service, patient first culture that puts the needs of those whom they serve ahead of other focuses, such as profit or patient quotas. This corporate culture has lead the hospital to become one of the most successful and iconic medical centers in the United States. Colquitt, LePine, and Wesson (Mayo Case Study, 2014) propose several very interesting questions at the end of the reading that they ask readers to ponder.
The first question asked is as follows: “Is Mayo’s corporate culture something that other healthcare systems can copy? Would it be possible to develop a national healthcare system modeled on the Mayo Clinic?” (Colquitt, LePine, & Wesson, Mayo Case Study, 2014). To effectively analyze this question, a definition of organizational culture is needed. According to Colquitt, LePine, and Wesson (2014), organizational culture is defined as “… the shared social knowledge within an organization regarding the rules, norms, and values that shape the attitudes and behaviors of its employees”. Colquitt, LePine, and Wesson (2014, pp. 536-537) define organizational culture further by explaining some of the visible components of organizational culture, including things such as symbols, structures, language, stories, rituals, and ceremonies.
The first part of the question had to do with other’s ability to effectively set up a culture that mirrors that of Mayo’s. In an adaptation from The Wall Street Jour...

... middle of paper ... socialization. When employees within an organization interact with one another, those employees spread and reinforce the culture of the organization. Having employees who are fully accustomed to and support the organization’s culture is a great way Mayo Clinic could maintain the aspects of its culture that the company truly values.
Mayo Clinic is a very successful organization that seems to have a bright future ahead of it. Much of the clinic’s success could be contributed to its strong culture that focuses on serving customers and making sure that patients are getting the care they deserve. This culture gas allowed Mayo the ability to grow and foster a reputation for being one of the world’s leading healthcare centers. If Mayo continues on in its pursuit for patient centered healthcare within its organization, there is no saying how much the company can grow.

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