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So when we are being raised we are taught that this is what life is about marriage a man has to choose you as his wife and take care of you so but he must possess certain qualities being able to lead and provide for the family, be independent. This was dating back from many centuries ago even if a male was able to give the father of the young lady either money or some sort of live stalk he was able to wed the daughter. So as this is embedded over time and centuries it is easy to see how these stereotypes were formed and in many cases still exist however in other cultures these requirements are different but it still remains that the man is seen as the stronger person. But in today’s society women are proving themselves to be just as strong as men, just as independent and able to take the role as the lead in the family if it is needed. There is an old saying “you have to let a man feel like a man and be a man” whatever that may entail whether it be being with multiple women are taking the lead as the bread winner when in all actuality it may be the woman behind the scenes making all the magic happen but it will not be acknowledged in many cases because women are seen as the weaker individual and submissive individuals. This article without necessarily saying it blatantly suggests and shows that no matter where you go in most cultures the male will be held for a lack of better words the epitome of what a human being is supposed to be like act like talk like and walk like.
In the next article that I read the discussion was about gender and the culture communication differences. In this article the author conducted a survey on men and women from a few different ethnicities African American, European, Caucasian, and Hispanic in this s...

... middle of paper ...

...e lead as if she cannot think and take on the lead for herself.
In conclusion, I think that both male and female can play similar roles in culture i.e. androgynous if we as a society let go of those gender roles in our culture. I do think that in today’s society it is slowly but surely coming around to a society where the gender lines are blurred in the culture which is good thing. After doing a bit of the research I will say that it opened my eyes quite a bit to the “boxes” that we are placed in as a male and female and shown that these are the roles that we are supposed to play or it seems more likely for us to have these certain set of traits when in reality we are all different but in all of the research it almost points to we are all the same in regards to our gender. I find it interesting that with all of the research the woman is seen as the weaker link.

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