Is Manufacture And Regulation Of Laetrile By Tom Beauchamp Essay

Is Manufacture And Regulation Of Laetrile By Tom Beauchamp Essay

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The next article we read was Manufacture and Regulation of Laetrile, by Tom Beauchamp. The article focuses on the Laetrile, which is a preventative drug used to control and prevent cancer but is denounced by much of the scientific community. In the early 1970’s the FDA decided to ban Laetrile but it is still possible to obtain Laetrile from other countries, especially Mexico. As stated in the article, the main controversy surrounding Laetrile is on the drug’s efficacy and on one’s right to manufacture, market, and purchase the product. This can be broken down into an economic, medical/scientific, political, and ethical issue. Since we are not medical experts we cannot pass a judgement on how well it works but based on the studies it has been very ineffective. But what we can comment on is the ethical/moral dilemma in using the drug. Should a patient be allowed to use a drug that has been shown in scientific studies to be ineffective? What should the role of the Government/FDA be in this debate? I personally believe that patients should be allowed to use. The patient has a right to de...

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