Is love Really Blind? What Does it Mean? Essay

Is love Really Blind? What Does it Mean? Essay

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The idea that love is blind always sounded very cliché to me up until today. The proverb really has great meaning and fact behind it in my opinion and can be applied in different ways in a person’s love life. You can love a person so much to a point where he/she is perfect in almost every way, no matter what he/she does. It can be that your significant other leaves his/her socks around all the way up to infidelity. He/she may like something that you hate but you put up with it anyway. According to the social psychology book and what I’ve learned Counterfactual thinking seems to somehow play into the proverb Love is Blind. Counterfactual thinking is changing some aspects of the past as a way of imagining what may have been. For a person madly in love he/she may think we will be perfect together and may also think what could have been. I have done that myself involving a significant other. He was perfect to me, but we no longer talk and I always wonder what we could have been. For him and I, love is blind is the perfect proverb that explained us. When a person is madly in love he/she will change his/her thought process and see his/her significant other as the person they want them to be. Accessibility also plays a part. Say you have a partner who isn’t always the nicest to you but they are sometimes. If they most recent thing they have done for you is nice you may ignore or not notice when they are unkind.
My research article is about the Infatuation and attraction to a dissimilar other.
The study involved thirty-two white American males. The students were brought into the room by the female experimenter and were given an attitude survey of 15 items. The female experimenter would leave and then return with a female confederate w...

... middle of paper ...

... that the placebo was an actual vitamin, when really it wasn’t. I believe this study does not support the proverb love is blind. The subjects were able to lessen the dissimilarities of the confederate, but they were aware that they were still there. The infatuation induction subjects were able to look beyond their dissimilarities because they had interactions with the confederate and were able to also see her before hand. The results showed they noticed the dissimilarities but chose to over look them. I feel that her attractiveness and her flirty actions were a factor in the subject’s ability to reduce her dissimilarities. I believe if this experiment was reversed and it was all women and a male confederate the results would be almost the same. If an attractive male began to flirt with a woman and make it look like he cared, she too would also be interested in him.

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