Is Love Becoming A Joke? Essay

Is Love Becoming A Joke? Essay

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Back in time people were joyful and didn’t take things for granted, now people’s lives are solely based on technology. The things one worried about were realistic, now people complain if their phones’ battery is on ten percent. Times have changed, generations have changed, so have people’s lifestyles, beliefs, and way of thinking. Love plays a huge role into these views, relationships signified love and respect while now its all about the chase, the game, and the time. Opening Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, parody expressing the thought of having multiple partners is plastered across the internet. For generations the components of a relationship have remained the same, however impressions of what relationships are to be hypothetically composed of now, seem to have dramatically changed. Due to lack of commitment, jealousy issues and other portraying characteristics in modern day relationships, it is probable to say that it has become a very debatable topic of love becoming a joke. In a recent article explaining why the millennial generation has such a hard time adapting to serious relationships, by Eilene Zimmerman, a surveyor states, “We feel lots of things are possible. There are a lot of choices now. We don 't have to do it the way our parents did.”Essentially many modern young adults believe that due to the alteration of liberalism in recent periods, the necessity of taking relationships seriously has decreased. Comparing the components of love between generations, there are various factors contributing to its drastic change, leading to the perception that love has become a thing of the past.
Love used to be very serious and intimate where both sexes had individual gender roles in the relationship. Hollywood movies successfull...

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...ulting in one confused guy and one disappointed woman. Because the relationship didn’t go as planned, the stereotypical “all guys are the same” takes place when undoubtedly the women are the cause in creating guys like this. However men can be careless and move on while women tend to overthink, “The idea is that girls base their self-esteem on these relationships more than boys do and "will contort themselves to make these relationships work” (Ritter). As a result of this initiates more problems because in circumstances when relationships end up working out even after this, “the contingent nature of the relationship commitment breeds psychological insecurity, which manifests in higher levels of anxiety and addiction” (Hull, Meier, and Ortyl), causing the common problems in relationships modern day, dealing with attachment, jealousy problems, as well as side affairs.

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