Is Looking At A Screen Really Worth Your Life? Essay

Is Looking At A Screen Really Worth Your Life? Essay

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Is looking at a screen really worth your life? Taylor Sauer, an 18 year old young lady. Knew the danger of texting and driving. But moments later Taylor the Utah State University student. Was texting and driving and ended up slamming into a tanker truck going 80 mph, dying instantly. Her last texted was to her friend: “I can’t discuss this now. Driving and Facebooking is not safe! Haha” (Hosamsky). Too many kids are addicted to their cell phone devices. Getting addicted to cell phone devices can lead into a deadly situation. If there isn’t a change; these death rates will only keep rising. Parents need to limit their kids from cell phone use because it can lead to serious life threatening situation or car accidents.
People have become so addicted to their devices that they don’t realize that they’re not cell phone users they’re being used by their phones. About 66% of parents feel that their kids are addicted to their cell phone devices. But it’s not just kids that are addicted to their devices. About 51% of parents use their cell phones while they are driving on the road (Schouten...

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