Is Kleptomania A Psychological Disorder? Essay

Is Kleptomania A Psychological Disorder? Essay

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You have probably heard of Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, PTSD, OSD, and Anxiety disorder, but have you ever heard of Kleptomania? Kleptomania is not a very common disorder that you would hear talked about on a day to day basis, but it is very real and very costly. Kleptomania is failing to resist the urge to steal things that you don’t need and that and that do not have a lot of value (“Diseases and Conditions Kleptomania,” 2014). Kleptomania is a psychological disorder that was discovered in the 1800’s, there is no known discoverer. In the U.S. it is unclear how many people are affected by this disorder, but researchers believe that about 6 out of 1,000 people are affected by it. It is believed that five percent of shoplifting cases may be linked to kleptomania. In 2002, $10 billion was lost due to shoplifting, this means that about $500 million dollars was lost due to someone with this disorder. This disorder is very costly, and has very negative effects and consequence, especially for someone who does not intentionally mean to do what they’re doing.
Since Kleptomania is a very rare disorder and serious disorder, there is little known about it. So how would someone go about figuring out if they have this psychological disorder or not? Well the answer is simple, visit your doctor. But if you don’t want to visit your doctor, there are a series of test and questions that you can run on yourself which would help you to determine whether or not you have this disorder. The first way to tell if you or someone else is suffering from this disorder is that the individual will not be able to resist the urge to steal. For someone dealing with kleptomania they feel as though they have to steal, they may not want to do it but they cannot...

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...en more than it does males. It affects women who are about the age of 35, but in rare cases, some have reported noticing this behavior in as early as five years old. I read a story about a woman named Hilary; she recounted her story of kleptomania and how it all started. She was a successful middle class woman, with a very good job. She explained her first encounter with the disorder; she began to steal spoons from the café. She said that stealing the spoons soothed her. After this she began to steal more item that she had no need for. She elucidated how she began to feel guilty; she would sit up at night crying and telling herself that she was going to stop. She said that she feared losing her job, upsetting her family and being taken to jail. But when she would wake up the next morning nothing had changed, she still had that same rush to steal meaningless items.

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