Is John Needs A Fitness Goal? Essay examples

Is John Needs A Fitness Goal? Essay examples

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Many people struggle with their weight. Those who are on the heavy side oftent find it difficult to perform their daily tasks. Even walking for several minutes becomes a tiring activity for them on many occasions. Others can only imagine the physical effects of more intensive activities on people who are, frankly speaking, fat. John is one of those individuals who are on the heavy side. His sedentary life and his habit of eating more than his daily nutritional needs have led him to gain weight year after year. Now, John wants to turn things around. His problem is how he can lose weight without completely sacrificing his passion for food. In other words, John wants to decrease his body fat while still being able to enjoy his meals. For the uninitiated such as John, the task seems to be contradictory on both ends. Indeed, others might find it impossible to become thinner while still eating regularly at the same time. However, it is still possible. There are steps that John must take in order to achieve his fitness goal, and all of the steps comprise the bulk of what may be labeled as a weight loss program.
The first step that John has to do is to choose what he eats. Specifically, John has to adjust his diet by cutting down on carbohydrates and fatty food. One study reaffirms the established fact that regularly consuming food rich in fat and carbohydrates can lead to weight problems (Teras, et al. 574). However, this does not mean that John must reduce the meals he takes each day. Rather, what this means is that John must make substitutions. In particular, John may increase his protein intake while decreasing his consumption of food rich in fat and carbohydrates. The key here is proper replacement in order for John to avoid depriv...

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...lks in order to burn more calories. Conversely, doing so will also allow him to decrease or increase his calorie intake depending on the pace of his weight loss regimen. As one study points out, recording one’s progress of losing weight gives the person the feeling that his or her efforts are not put to waste, and that the whole process is effective (Hope, Kumanyika, Shults and Holmes 1030).
All these things are designed as a comprehensive weight loss program. At the end of the day, everything is still up to John’s commitment. Losing weight will ultimately depend on how much he badly wants to achieve his health goals. The step-by-step plan is already there. He only now needs to follow it not as something that he needs to impose on himself but as something that he will willingly embrace as part of his desires. After all, he will be the one who will reap the rewards.

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