Essay on Is Jesus Christ A God?

Essay on Is Jesus Christ A God?

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Often in today’s world, the question is asked, “Who is Jesus?” And, the standard answer from most Catholics is He is the Son of God. While such a statement is true as far as it goes, it does not explain fully enough who Jesus really is. The Church teaches that Jesus Christ is one person having two natures. This, itself, is contrary to our human experience. We see everything around us as having a nature, but only one nature: the tree has the nature of a tree, the man has the nature of a human being, and a rock has the nature of a rock. The nature of a thing indicates the kind of thing it is. Logically, every created thing has one nature, its own particular nature. No created thing has two natures or it would be two things at one time, which is impossible. We are taught that Jesus Christ has a Divine nature, as God; and a human nature as man. Because Jesus possesses fully the nature of God and the nature of man we can describe Him as true God and true man. The question that many ask is Did Jesus in his human nature ever get sick? Did he get a common cold, or suffer from allergies, or even suffer from an upset stomach from having too many fish during dinner?
Jesus showed that He had many of the same human characteristics that we do. First, Jesus had a human mind. He has both an infinite, divine mind and a finite, human mind. He can be said not to know things because he is human and finite and human minds are not infinite. And Jesus can be said to know all things because he is divine and infinite in his knowledge. As confusing as this can be, it must be said that Jesus both knows all things and doesn’t know all things. For the unique, two-natured person of Christ, this is no contradiction but a peculiar glory of Jesus. It can also be...

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Many also believe because of Jesus’ divinity he would have never gotten sick. Sickness comes from sin and Jesus was sinless, so there was no way possible he would been able to get sick. Athanasius believed that death by sickness may be natural for ordinary humans and sickness came from their weak nature and Jesus was not weak in nature. He also provided a very strong statement when he said that how believable would it be for Jesus to cure all of these people from leprosy and He has a common cold.
It is my opinion, that Jesus never was sick. I think his divinity would have prevented him from ever becoming ill. Another major point for me was that sickness came from sin and we all know that Jesus was without sin. But of course, the simple fact is that Scripture doesn’t tell us, and that is the strongest evidence that really settled the whole matter for me.

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