Essay about Is It Worth The Risk?

Essay about Is It Worth The Risk?

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Is it Worth the Risk?
Both Jamal Albarghouti and Eddie Ho just happened to be in the right place at the right time to become citizen journalists, with their cell phones in hand, giving them the opportunity to record a media worthy event while it was taking place. They are not professional reporters, just two young men who knew they were witnessing terrifying events that news media outlets would be interested in seeing from a first person perspective. Accordingly, did their actions endanger others or were they endangered, if so, was it worth the risk that Albarghouti and Ho took to record these events?
For sure this was a frightening event experience for these two young men. Jamal Albarghouti who is Palestinian, found himself in a position to become a citizen journalist to one of the deadliest school massacres in American history. As a result of, Albarghouti having left his dorm room to meet with his student advisors, he witnessed a massive invasion of police like none other he had seen before. Undoubtedly, he knew that he was a witness to something unordinary. According to Albarghouti, the police quickly pushed him to a place of safety outside the building where he now realized shooting was occurring. With cell phone in hand, he recorded part of this event.
At this instant Albarghouti wanted to actually get closer to the shooting but, was held back by police. Under those circumstances, he stayed in a place of safety and continued to record the events while they were happening. Consequentially, he did not feel that he was in immediate danger, although he was in a position to move back away from the building where the shooting was happening if he needed to. In any event, the police were between him and the building they were stormi...

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...nutes of fame might be worth it to that one citizen journalist that is willing to bend the facts for personal profit. To that end, most respected news outlets warn the public not to trust everything you see or read and to check their sources as well. They also warn the would be journalist to think of safety first before capturing pictures of newsworthy events.
Journalists have always had to be careful of information they have written and published. Now, though it is too easy for anyone to post a story without any fact checks being used for accuracy. This ability to post inaccurate information can go global in a matter of hours if not minutes affecting everyone from the outcome of an election, market investments or reputations of people and corporations. Reputable journalists have been warning others for years that unchecked stories can lead to great harm (Mahoney).

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