Is It Truly Happy? Essay

Is It Truly Happy? Essay

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In today’s world, almost everyone thinks that the key to happiness is using their money to get as much material stuff as they possibly can before the next person, which is the worst way to go about achieving true happiness. While getting material stuff can make you happy for a short time, after a while it will bore you and cause you to waste your money on stuff you don’t really need. Which causes you to feel empty inside, which then causes you to buy more stuff in order to fill the empty hole within you and forces the twisted cycle on. But there is a way for you to escape the twisted cycle of buying useless material stuff in order to be happy, and it’s a lot easier than you think. The way to being truly happy is by using your money on experiences and relationships, instead of on trivial material goods.
One of the reasons that I believe this to be true is because I have seen it happen in my own personal life. My forty-year-old aunt, who lives in Washington, has always had a reasonable amount of money in her bank account at any given time, due to her career as a surgical technician. You would think that she would have a flat screen TV, an expensive car, and a spacious apartment with the job that she has, when in reality she has the complete opposite. She has a small TV with bunny ears that she’s had for almost ten years now, a white 2001 Toyota Truck, and a small apartment that she shares with two other people. A lot of people would think that she would be unhappy with not having the “newest” and “best” things surrounding her, when in actuality, she is extremely happy. The reason she tells me time and time again is that using your money on things like flat screen TVs and new cars may make you happy for a short time, but after a...

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...efore purchasing it will make that item more valuable and important to you in the future, which then causes you to have positive feelings whenever you interact with it.
Some people may think that using their hard-earned money on trivial material goods is the best way to go, due to the fact that the feeling of happiness comes “harder” and “faster” than when you use your money on experiences and relationships, but that’s where they are wrong. While the feeling of happiness you get from buying a new TV or car may be immediate, it doesn’t last for as long or feel as good as the happiness that you get from obtaining those amazing seats to your favorite band’s concert or those “crazy” road trips that you and your friends used to go on all those years ago. Just like most things in life, deep down people care more about the substance and quality, rather than the quantity.

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