Is It Scarier Than Starting A New Job? Essay example

Is It Scarier Than Starting A New Job? Essay example

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There is nothing scarier than starting a new job. There I was single, young, naïve and had just moved to the ‘big smoke’ from a small country town. I still remember walking through the sliding doors into a huge office and watching all the people dressed impeccably chatting on their mobiles, faxing documents and huddling around a coffee machine discussing their weekends. Nobody stopped to notice me nervously standing in front of them with no sense of fashion at all. The women all had a three-inch-minimum-heel-height and wore gorgeous pencil skirts and the men were dressed in Hugo Boss suits. I may have been inexperienced but I could tell very early on that the environment was cold and extremely critical.

The first few weeks were challenging. I had to learn new procedures, learn co-workers names quickly and learn what was expected of me. I sat next to another young girl called Vicki Alexandropoulos she was Greek, loud and would apply mascara with an open mouth whilst taking a selfie. Vicki spent most of her days on online shopping websites, social media and searching for a rich boyfriend. She was fashionable, confident and charismatic so nobody seemed to care that she barely worked at all.

Vicki pitied me, she pitied me because I was dorky and I didn’t have a heap of friends nor did I have a long line of men fighting for my attention. She would constantly say I should take you shopping and although the offer was tempting I knew deep down that I couldn’t afford to shop at the high end designers that she wore.

Months past and I still felt like a fish out of water. I would eat my lunch alone in my car, I wasn’t invited to Friday night work drinks and I didn’t particularly like anyone in the office. Until one Monday mo...

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...rately we never grew apart. I watched her become a mum for the second time and she stood next to me as my maid of honor on my wedding day. We shared many good times and bad but nothing compares to the stomach ache I get from laughing with her. I have been inspired by a many things in my life (places, friends, people I have met, children, family) but Justine would have to be one of the most inspiring person I know. It’s not because she has done one spectacular thing but it’s the fact that the million little things she does is always with great love. I admired her for being authentic, listening intently to what others say and always focusing on the positives in life. She is a devoted wife, caring mother and genuine friend. Candace Bushnell once said “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” In this case I agree.

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