Is It Safe Keeping A Wild Animal? Captivity? Essay

Is It Safe Keeping A Wild Animal? Captivity? Essay

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Most people love animals. They can take a trip go to the zoo to look at various animals that come from many different parts of the world. Depending on the zoo you go to, you can find lions, monkeys, exotic birds, penguins and etc. A goldfish is usually recommended as a great first pet for a child that is looking for responsibility, because they are low maintenance and their life expectancy is short. An amusement park like SeaWorld, has whales, sea lions, penguins and many other water mammals at their parks for our entertainment. Despite if the animal is at a zoo, in a bowl, or an amusement park; it is being held in captivity. Is it safe keeping a wild animal in captivity? This is an issue SeaWorld has been going through for quite some time with their Orcas.
Is it safe for SeaWorld to keep their Orcas in captivity? For sometime now, there have been many different serious situations involving SeaWorld trainers and Orcas that have led to serious injuries or even death. Because of the circumstances of these incidents, the issue of safety is a step that needs to be solved. What some people find alarming is that SeaWorld still has the Killer Whale exhibit open (Goldman, 2010). For safety reasons, some people feel that SeaWorld should incorporate certain guidelines and rules to keep both the trainers and the Orcas safe. SeaWorld is an amusement park that is made to monetize off of people’s emotions. When people attend SeaWorld, they are going to be entertained. Should there be guidelines applied to separate the trainers and the orcas? Or is the issue deeper than just separating the trainers and the orcas? Should there just not be any orcas at all; at any SeaWorld?
Stakeholders that are involved in the issue are people that can be someh...

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...ext the mediator will bring everyone back down to leveled emotions with positive reinforcements. The mediator will assist in trying to discover what may be producing these negative emotions. If the negative emotions begin to spiral out of control, the mediator will call for a break for everyone to cool off. At that time if anyone needs to feel to have alone time with the mediator, they can do so.
With the issue of is it safe for SeaWorld to keep their Orcas in captivity is going on for quite some time, we want our goals to be clear communication, positive perception and positive emotion going in and coming out of the negotiation. Taking the steps of having informative meetings about the various topics that will be discussed during the negotiation before hand, will help bring those goals to the table. Everyone should go in and come out with a solution for the issue.

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