Is It Really Worth More Taxes? Essay example

Is It Really Worth More Taxes? Essay example

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Is It Really Worth More Taxes?
The government has decided that individuals should start eating healthy to reduce the rate of obesity in the county. To improve this rule, they are prepared to pass what they call ‘fat taxes’. This ‘fat tax’ is supposed to be targeted on the items that increase the level of obesity and by this, Americans would not have the funds to afford these ‘junks’ when the prices have been inflated. In this essay, I am going to share my opinion on how this ‘fat tax’ is not going to make America a better nation, and as citizens we should have the wellness of our country at heart. Although it may have the possibility of reducing obesity, it would also run companies out of business, jeopardize our freedom of choice to eat whatever we want to and fatty foods would still be cheaper than healthy food.
Big companies that have been providing these ‘fatty’ items would run out of business if this fat tax is passed. This is because with the high tax placed on their produce, most Americans would rather go for the cheaper item tha...

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