Essay on Is It Really Worth It?

Essay on Is It Really Worth It?

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Is It Really Worth It?
Schooling is an educational system designed for a person’s mind to grow freely starting at a young age. Of course, there is a predetermined curriculum for all students to adhere to; however, it is how the basic knowledge is then applied and used in the life of each and every person that truly grows great character and amazing work ethic. For most people, their initial thought is to use school as a guide to succeed. In today’s society, it is almost essential to receive a proper education to build credibility or to truly prosper. Most of the richest people in the world are where they are today because of the education they obtained. Nevertheless, education does come with a price. From preschool to college every teacher or professor is making a living while preparing students to do the same. That being said, while paying for professional education, it is only right to educate yourself fully so there is not a higher price to be paid in the end. In college, no student is offered a second chance, or redo, without paying the price. A college education should be taken ...

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Essay Is It Really Worth It?

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