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Practicing is a stage that occurs from ten to sixteen months of age where the baby continues to develop away from their mother but always having their mother when needed. Their mobility increases, which help them, explore more of the world around them. As they begin to walk, the child won’t fully separate from their mother but will take a few steps forward then scurry back into their mother’s arms. A concept that goes with this stage is dependency, where the child can always rely on going back to their parent when necessary. Having this constant access to their mother will provide stable emotional support to the child. Weinberg touches on, “for Mahler, the essential feature of this phase is the “elated investment in exercise of autonomous functions- especially motility, to the near exclusion of apparent interest in the mother at all times, (Weinberg, 1991, pg.11). When my cousin first learned to walk we were very happy for his accomplishment, but after reading the Weinberg article it makes sense as to why children of that age don’t keep on walking instead of running back to their mothers. They want to still know and feel dependent that their mother is right behind them. The child however haven’t grasped object permanence and isn’t fully comfortable leaving their mother’s smell, touch, listening to her voice or taking their eyes off of her. If they fall and start to cry, they will rely on the fact that their mother won’t leave them to fend for himself/herself right away. Until the child creates enough confidence and independence in his surroundings to walk on his own and not need his mother around, the mother will continue to be dependent.

Rapprochement is the third sub phase that occurs from age sixteen to twenty-four months. Th...

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...use of this class I wish I had taken additional social work classes in my undergraduate career, but you can always make a negative out of a positive. I have planned to go on and obtain my masters in either counseling or social work with how much I enjoyed this course. This class was personally valuable to me because I was able to piece together cases I worked on at my internships as to why juveniles or even adults lead the life that they live. I have also gained good counseling skills when approaching different cultural populations. Outside of my internship experience I have been able to better understand my upbringing, the life choices I make and the hardships that come with them. The coursework sometimes was a lot to take on but definitely worth it. I also enjoyed learning about particular theories and concepts that advance my knowledge in social work completely.

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