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Is It Like Earth? Essay

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“Is it like Earth?” Stefan answered hopefully.
The entire cabin as all ears to hear Pars answer this question about their prospective home.
“Indeed, Gnaritus is about the same size as Earth,” Pars replied, pointing to a diagram of Gnaritus’ solar system. “It is also at a similar distance from its larger parent sun about a hundred and sixty million kilometers. This orbital distance is not quite the same as for the Earth, which is a hundred and fifty million kilometers from the Sun. However, Gnaritus also orbits around two other smaller daughter stars that are, in fact, a hundred and fifty million kilometers away. With three stars in the solar system, there is at least one sun in the skies over Gnaritus at all times, resulting in perpetual daylight. In essence, the sun never sets on Gnaritus! Although Gnaritus’ moon Clementia can eclipse one sun periodically, a total eclipse of all three suns simultaneously is impossible. Thus, no total solar eclipses occur on Gnaritus either! Moreover, you will most likely cast more than one shadow when all three suns are in the sky! There could even be up to three shadows! The largest sun is Clotho whereas the two smaller stars are Lachesis and Atropos. These names are from the three Fates in Greek mythology that oversee the allegorical strands of life. For instance, Clotho spins our lifelines, Lachesis weaves the thread into the tapestry of our lives, and Atropos cuts the strings. Gnaritus is a Goldilocks planet in that it is just right for human habitation chiefly due to being the right distance from its suns, and the right size to have an atmosphere. There are only two other planets in the solar system orbiting with Gnaritus, specifically Spes and Fiducia. Who knows the meaning ...

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...ace colony recycles everything. The main horticultural methods are hydroponics using mineral nutrients in water and aeroponics, where mists of a nourishing solution bathe the roots of plants. The molecular structure of water on Gnaritus is identical to the Earth’s since it has two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom as well. The fresh taste of the water from the natural springs surrounding the space colony is incomparable. With a few essential ingredients, a three-dimensional printer can replicate the appearance, taste, texture, and nutrient value of meat so that it is indistinguishable from the natural product. Thus, there is no need for animal farms. In fact, Chief Cook Grenier is also preparing meat dishes with a three-dimensional printer on this spacecraft. Please raise your hands if you consider the meat dishes to be unlike the natural products on Earth.”

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