Is It Just A Headache? Essay

Is It Just A Headache? Essay

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Isn’t It Just a Headache?
Every 10 seconds, someone in the U.S. goes to an emergency room complaining of head pain, and approximately 1.2 million visits are for acute migraine attacks (Migraine Facts, p.2). Some people feel constant pressure in the head region known as a tension headache. These headaches come with little worry, as an over the counter drug like ibuprofen will treat it effectively. Others feel a more severe pain on one side of the head towards either temple or behind the eye; this is generally known as a migraine. A migraine has a more severe feeling that come with unexplained answers and treatments. Although there are no distinct answers for what causes migraines, researchers blame the narrowing and expanding of blood vessels in the cephalic region (Headaches, p.4). But who has the right to say that what you’re experiencing is just a bad headache when it is actually an unbearable migraine? Treating the two are different because the severity of migraines is more complex because they are affected by weather, food, behavior change, and chemicals. While the severity of ordinary headaches is not complex because they generally are not accompanied by other symptoms.
Approximately twenty-four million people in the United States are affected by migraines, with a combined cost of thirteen billion dollars for people being absent from work. Migraines affects about one in four households, and is more commonly experienced by women than men. Often individuals go to healthcare providers to help seek assistance for pain and reduce the
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occurrence of migraines. A migraine is a serious condition that affects an individual’s way of life that needs more attention and medical answers to help treat this uncertainty (Kennedy,...

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...edles into the lower body, therefore the blood flow in tissues travel farther away from the head. Cannabis used to be a standard treatment in the nineteenth century by relieving nausea and reducing pain. Some things as simple as eyeglasses that contain a prism reduce migraines, but it can tricky because it sometimes can cause frequent headaches in individuals.
We have so many answers to what can help reduce a migraine and what triggers a migraine. But why do we not have more answers on what a migraine truly affects internally? We spend all this money to help solve pain issues. We should be putting more money into the research of migraines. Individuals who experience migraines are tired of hearing “It’s just a small headache, or here try this”. Disability from migraine is substantial: it is estimated to be the sixth most disabling condition worldwide (Gelfand, p. 4).

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