Essay on Is It Important Than Ability Of A Person 's Success

Essay on Is It Important Than Ability Of A Person 's Success

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Persistence is more important than ability to determine a person’s success. When there is a person who wants to do their goal or task they have to be able to work hard for their goal, they need to be dedicated to the goal, and no matter what happens they can’t give up which means that they have to keep going and going until they have finally achieved what they wanted to achieve. So this shows that a great successor needs to be very persistent to achieve and go beyond what they want to do, they need to drive themselves to success, but most of all they need to be patient and have time.
When it comes to being persistent there are some important traits that need to be mastered which aren’t that easily to have, these traits are having patience and time. This means that when you want to achieve your goal you need to do it step by step gradually getting better and better over time. When it comes to time you need to be fully dedicated to the task you want to accomplish, you need to have time to work hard for what you want to do and keep sticking to it. There other important trait that com...

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