Is It Important For Developing Language Skills? Essay

Is It Important For Developing Language Skills? Essay

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A human being can only take in so much information in one sitting; this is key information to know especially when teaching grammar because it can be very intense.
Practice and application are important when developing language skills. A good grammar teacher will allow students time to practice and test students in order to find out where they are at in acquiring a language. Students should be subjected to mini grammar tests that hold little to no grade value, but are helpful to the teacher so that he or she may assess where their student stands in that course. Tests are ways to assess where students are at in the learning process, what they have learned, and what they need to improve in the class. It is important that students are made aware of their strengths and weaknesses so that they are made aware of areas they need to improve in for their future.
One area specifically that may be tough for students to improve in a traditional classroom setting is verbal communication. Most classrooms are set up as a lecture where students are presented information and then they are tested over the information presented. This is a difficult way for students to learn the verbal aspect of a foreign language, or language in general. Often times teachers are pressured to teach “deep structure” which was recognized by the famous linguist Noam Chomsky. This method was formed to balance out one’s ability to speak a foreign language with one’s ability to understand a foreign language (Brown, 2007, 112). In classrooms now, it is clear that most teachers focus only on the “deep structure” of a language and not enough speech itself. ESOL classrooms are missing key pieces of information such as practicing the verbal parts of the language. It is assume...

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...nts that are missing from ESOL classrooms can be solved by having teachers slow down and take the time to answer and ask questions to determine where their students stand.
As an adult ELL student, I am able to identify areas in teaching that are lacking, as well as asking or taking notes on how I will present lessons and lectures to my class in the future. Grammar is taught differently in every course and language. The ways that I have learned grammar will help me determine the ways that I will teach grammar to my students and children. As an educator it is important to have a solid foundation in grammar, especially in ESOL. Teachers should always practice using such in order to be a model for their students. There is no one way to teach grammar and methods are never static. Grammar is important in developing our understanding of the languages that we are studying.

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