Essay on Is It Ain 't Broke, Don 't Fix It?

Essay on Is It Ain 't Broke, Don 't Fix It?

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The typical proverb that I heard my teacher saying when my team on second year of high school during a “week of changes” offered the idea of having more engaging and interactive classes. Is not a surprise that he said that, traditional school, keeping committing the same mistakes over generations, and causing difficulties in many children because the teaching system “wasn’t broken”. Is not a surprise that students of all ages has their own way to construct knowledge in a variety of forms. The ways that students’ minds work also influence how—and how well—they learn to a subject, how they get focus more and more easily. Then, professors who understand the differences between students knows that the same point will be responded in different ways, depending to each kind of stimuli it is they feel more comfortable to learn, shows more successful results in overall after the tests. The style that each person learns, can influence in their lives significantly. For example, if you have a blind child and you keep trying to teach something with the visual learning style, the response won’t be successful, I can guarantee. If the traditional style (learning by hearing and writing) is already overpassed, the biggest part of the times not fitting to student’s style offers a bigger risk of dissatisfactory grades, communication problems and the sequence of in dissatisfaction, disinterest and indifference. So, what if you could include all types of learning styles in just one? Enabling the opportunity to englobe all the styles, students and kind of stimuli in just one learning style? That is the reason why kinesthetic learning was created. Such style is a studying method that includes dynamic activities, for ex...

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...reason is not specifically offered, but the fact that the professors and institutions are realizing such a development in the learning styles, is important and progressive. Even if are many contradictions about changing a whole system, the answer is no. The point is not give a death sentence to the linguistic learning style and the others, it is just about integration of all of them in one called kinesthetic. So, as a suggestion, I would offer a training to the professor, covered by the institution and the management of a more flexible class’s calendar. Concluding, the school wouldn’t suffer with the cost of those professors, since determinate expanses should be seen as investment because they are just enabling a better teacher to teach next generations, creating more real students and most important citizens with flexibility and creativity to the next world.

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